In the cool days
of mid-May
I was sitting on the front porch
when a couple of Barn Swallows
flew up next to me
and tried to land on a piece of wire
hanging from the porch wall.
I was surprised
my presence didn’t startle them.
But they flew back and forth
for awhile.
Days later, I noticed them again
and eventually they began bringing
little balls of mud
and attaching it to the wire
and the wall.



Despite my frequent presence
they continued making trips,
bringing mud
and finished building the nest.
But it seemed very small.
And though they visited it
from time to time,
they never used it.

A couple of weeks ago
a little Wren
visited it. She has returned
now and then,
seemingly cleaning it.


She seems to fit better.
there will be baby birds
on the porch.