Everywhere on Earth, life is established on a functional community basis. Each distinctive bioregion is composed of mutually supporting life systems that have organized and sustained it over vast expanses of time…

A bioregion is an identifiable geographical area of interacting life-systems that is relatively self-sustaining in the ever-renewing processes of nature. The full diversity of life functions is carried out, not as individuals or as species, or even as organic beings, but as a community that includes the physical as well as the organic components of the region.

— Thomas Berry, The Great Work


Sunday morning was clear and cool,
following a day of sweet, soaking rain
in the city.
The final event of the first
Urban Ag Week
organized by OKC Urban Ag Coalition
and Transition OKC,
we gathered along the street in Warr Acres
between two apartment complexes.
A grassy ditch emerges
from one of the wooded apartment complexes
and flows beneath the street where we stood.
Because of the rains the day before,
there was water in the shallow, grassy ditch.
From this spot higher
than the land forms
to the east,
this is the head waters of the Deep Fork River
and Lake Eufaula.
From there, the water flows
into the North Canadian River
and eventually into the Gulf of Mexico.
We spent the morning exploring
in the Deep Fork Watershed
in an effort to get to know this
It looks like a city—
Oklahoma City.
In fact, it is a land form,
with natural water ways
and soils and winds
and trees and other plants,
birds, wild animals, insects,
We looked at the Deep Fork
behind Walmart
and alongside a city park
and behind an office building.
We walked along the edge
of its deep walls,
discovering giant trees,
layers of sandstone,
flowing water,
quiet beauty,

DSCN5108Learning about watersheds.

Mapping the natural world around our homes.

Exploring Deep Fork Creek


DSCN5091Trash snagged in trees along the creek

We came away,
more aware of our life
in the city
as part of a natural community.
We came away
inspired to stay aware
and be in touch
with the mutually supportive
in our bioregion.