Saturday was the OKC Urban Ag Coalition’s
first annual urban farm and garden tour.
Rain came the night before
and continued much of the day Saturday.
It wasn’t the usual Oklahoma rain. Rather,
there was no wind,
so it fell almost straight.
There was no lightning.
It fell steady
and long.
Every OKC urban farmer or gardener
would be thrilled,
It was such a rare phenomenon,
there were no rain plans. Yes,
it might rain, but not everywhere,
not all day, not in Oklahoma!

The garden where I was set to volunteer
(get the signs up, lay out the materials, etc.)
was at the Del City Church of Christ.
This is a humongous garden,
founded by the support of one dedicated member
and tended by others in the congregation,
plus some people in the community. A generous
garage allowed volunteers shelter
and the church folks wanted to keep the tour open.

DSCN5098Community garden in the rain at Del City Church of Christ

And that’s what we did. We welcomed the handful
of people who came. There was a festive feeling;
everyone was cheerful. An English-style rain
in Oklahoma
the first week of September! Much to cheer.
With umbrellas and rain gear,
we strolled the vegetable beds, lingered long,
talking vegetable growing, marveling in wonder
at the much-needed rain
that kept falling. It was a lovely morning.

Other gardens on the tour also stayed open,
but not so many people ventured out. So,
this Saturday—September 13, 8 a.m. to noon—
will be the first annual OKC Urban Farm and Garden Tour,
Day Two.
Go to the Urban Ag Coalition facebook page
and check out the gardens. At the first one you tour,
you will receive a list of the others. The whole tour is $5.