A friend in Oklahoma City
had heard it too. So we
went lurking about
the yard following the unfamiliar
and pretty
sound. The trees
along Doe Creek
are so thick,
birds are hard to see.
So we saw glimpses. That perky tail:
a wren? Never could I capture
a photograph,
but she identified the song,
we think, on Cornell’s Bird Lab
website. Yes, we think,
a wren.
Back at the farm,
crickets are still keeping the beat.
Wind chimes are ringing more
now, that the air has cooled.
Seems the hens and roosters
in the barnyard
are saying more,
and saying more
more loudly.
And then
this morning,
in the dark,
a deep rumbling
followed by a soft rain.
When I walked out
into the golden light of morning,
the chilly air,
Red Bellied Woodpecker
called his chucky warning from atop
an electric pole.
A few nights, I’ve heard a barn owl
hoo-hoo-ing. This damp morning,
Mockingbird pours song.
It’s nature’s Goodbye
Summer Hello Autumn