The cycles of nature
are intriguing.

Last winter,
mice invaded the high tunnel garden
and ate onion tops,
lettuce, kale, broccoli.
Ann trapped 50 of them.
They are at it again
this fall, nibbling away
at new shoots
which never get a chance
to grow.
Now, the mice are invading
our houses. (Yes, we have cats—
a few; fewer, since the coyotes
have been feasting on them.)
We are trapping,
but now the cute little critters
ignore the traps.
Thank you Tricia Dameron,
for reminding us of peppermint oil.
That—a few drops on cotton—
seems to be working.
We are cheering Red-Tailed Hawks,
hoping they prefer mice to the chickens.
But we haven’t seen enough of the big birds,
evidently, to make a dent in the mouse
population. Did see a snake
on the porch, a rather
large one, but they sleep
all winter,
so doubt they’ll be much help as
cold weather comes.
You’d think with more mice
we’d have more of the beings
that feed on mice. But
nature’s cycles seem out-of-kilter,
out of balance.
As predicted.