Soon as I filled
the dry bird bath yesterday morning
three Blue Jays
flew in immediately to drink,
as if they’d been waiting.
This morning
there are six.
I don’t know if they’re passing through
or here to stay. I learn
their migratory patterns
are hard to learn. And,
that they have strong family
bonds—and that they don’t
eat other birds’ eggs,
as they’ve been accused of doing;
and, that they are not as dominating
as they’ve been accused of being.
Cardinals, Mourning Doves
and Woodpeckers all are known
to harass Blue Jays. I’ve seen this.
The beautiful Red-Bellied Woodpecker
gets his way, always…
with the resident Blue Jay couple,
the Red-Winged Blackbirds,
the Cardinals…

The Blue Jays are beautiful.
I hope they stay,
every one.