Designer Tom Temple tells the story of the building of the straw bale hermitage.




A beautiful day.
People arriving
from the city.
Experiencing a house
constructed by friends
out of straw bales
and mud.
Meeting alpaca
and pygmy goats.
Walking a country road.
Making their way
through the back and forth turns
of the labyrinth mowed into the
native grasses
atop the prairie.
Children playing
in the tall grass.
Gathering along Doe Creek,
greeting friends,
meeting new gentle people,
nibbling on abundant local food
and local wine.

DSCN5409Board Members Dorothy Gray and Tom Temple, serving Woods & Waters Wine

DSCN5402Transition OKC Team members

DSCN5403Three generations of the Wilkinson family.

DSCN5421Kyle Dillingham, ready for supper.

Taking places at the longest table yet
for the Green Connections
sixth annual Prairie Dinner.
Friends and supporters
serving family style a meal
whose scrumptiousness
can only be described
by the continuous “Mmms”
and “ohs.”

DSCN5400Chef Barb grilling fresh okra.

DSCN5401Kamala Gamble, of Kam’s Kookery, bringing more appetizers.


DSCN5430Green Connections Board and Transition OKC team, ready to serve a scrumptious meal.

DSCN5424Guests Diane Coady and Ron Ferrell



Ohs and ahs too
for the sky through the trees
as Earth rolled up and the sun
in the west. And for the
three-quarter moon shining
brightly, showering light
in the falling darkness
as we finally rose from the the table
and walked back down the country road
to the round-top barn
for a concert by the irrepressible
Kyle Dillingham. His eloquent music
connects soul to soul to soul.




Once again, some described the experience
as “one of the most meaningful in my life.”
We will do this again
next year. And someday,
we hope to see another dream come true:
an entire orchestra
atop the prairie
for the premier
of a prairie symphony written by Oklahomans
Callen Clark and Kyle Dillingham. So that
everyone can experience and celebrate—
through gathered community
and soul-stirring music
(and perhaps Barb’s and Kam’s food!)—
the prairie ecosystem,
a life system
that nurtures so many.