IMG_9302                                                                                                                                    Photos by Ann Denney

Undercroft Montessori School in Tulsa
brought junior high students to the farm
for the second time. They visited in early spring
three years ago and we were very glad
to welcome the group this fall.
The students do the planning,
the preparations (make reservations,
meal-planning, shopping, cooking, clean-up.)
They do a service project while they’re with us—
this year, moving and piling brush
and making beehive supers. The classes
have a beekeeping project at their school,
so they were actually excited
about getting to build bee houses—
and check out our hives.
They also spent a day
at the Great Salt Plains,
digging crystals from the lake of salt
left over from a pre-historic ocean.

They took the farm tour,
fed the animals,
walked the labyrinth,
played flashlight tag under the stars
and kayaked on the pond—
and climbed a cypress tree.
I think they are the first guests
to ever do that!

Thank you all for coming to the farm,
for helping out,
for your happy ways
and most of all
for learning about Earth
and how to live thoughtfully,
as part
of this amazing planet.