There’s a lot going on
out there
right now.
Temperature is so mild
and wind so gentle
I could work on the porch
yesterday afternoon. So soft,
this yellowed land, littered
with turning leaves, wind chime
singing, I could
and did
in moments.

DSCN5739     Mockingbird

DSCN5736     Yellow-Rumped Warblers

DSCN5675     Easter Blue Birds

Mockingbird sang most
of the afternoon.
Yellow-Rumped Warblers
chased each other
and flitted about the trees.
An Eastern Blue Bird sang too
and both kinds of birds
drank often from the water
St. Francis is holding.
Some birds drank from the fish pond,
as did squirrel.
Little white and yellow butterflies
from the Russian Sage.

DSCN5701     Belted Kingfisher

On Sunday, I heard, then saw,
a black-crested bird on a high line wire.
Its staccato call seemed urgent. When
another came alongside
they flew south. A bird-watching
cousin who has a “life list”
identified it as a Belted Kingfisher.