We’ve been celebrating.
Ann’s sons and their families
arrived for Pecan “Festival”—renamed
from Pecan “Harvest,”
because there was no pecan harvest
this year. There were pecans
to be had, but some other creatures
got to them first. One week
the pecans weren’t ready for harvesting
and a few days later,
they had disappeared.
So Ann, Frank, Frank’s brother Barry,
Brok, Ben and their friends Hayden and Rick
thinned trees in both the pecan grove
and the, younger, walnut grove, so that
there will be harvests to come
when Brok’s and Ben’s children,
now three months old,
are old enough to drive the tractor
that shakes the nuts out of their pods.
The babies experienced their first
pecan festival, and, for the first time,
the beauty
of mild Oklahoma autumn days
in the pecan and walnut groves—
lunching, napping, enjoying the fresh air,
the towering trees, people who adore them.
It was a fantastic
of life
and the loves of our lives.

DSCN5899(Yes, there are twins.)