I won’t complain
about the sudden cold
look who’s back! My winter
companions—at least,
many of them. Have yet
to see Goldfinches,
or Meadowlarks (at the feeders,) but, yes:
Red-Bellied Woodpecker,
three Eastern Bluebirds,
three Chickadees,
at least one Cardinal couple,
little Juncos,
Field, Harris and White-Crowned Sparrows.
the Red-Winged Blackbirds
(and a single, shining Grackle)
are coming
to the birdseed feeders,
and the water.
New this year,
those sweetly singing
Yellow-Rumped Warblers.


DSCN6075Eastern Bluebirds

DSCN6080Male Red-Winged Blackbird

DSCN6085Harris Sparrow

DSCN6095Female Red-Winged Blackbird


DSCN6112White-Crowned  Sparrow

DSCN6115Female Cardinal

DSCN6117Yellow-Rumped Warbler

I had a portrait session
with them this morning,
though they didn’t know it.
I hope they don’t mind me
their beauty,
their good company,
their innate ability
to bring cheer
to winter’s bare days.