Saturday morning,
coming out the back door
I see four sleek white-tailed deer
in the pasture west of the house.
We watch each other
until I take one step
and they dash away,
white tails bobbing.
In the round-top barn then,
a Barn Owl
sits on a ledge. I gasp at the beauty
of its heart-shaped, white face.
Those small, black, sharp eyes
meet mine
and we behold each other
until I open the car door.

Saturday noon,
with retreat guests
in the kitchen to prepare lunch,
we eye a bowl of persimmons
Ann has gathered.
Remembering Native American tradition,
we slice into the center
of a Persimmon seed
to check out winter’s forecast.
It is, clearly, a fork,
which means a mild winter.

Saturday evening,
around 8 p.m.
a rumble and boom
under the shaking house.
Another Oklahoma earthquake.
(Oklahoma has had more earthquakes
in 2014 than California—attributed
to increased high-pressure fracking
and waste liquid injection at oil well sites.)

DSCN6138Eastern Bluebird

Sunday morning,
this winter’s first snowfall. Two inches,
I think. I watch the birds
all day. So happy to see four Eastern Bluebirds
at the water. Two pair of Cardinals and gobs of Sparrows
vie for dinner with many Red-Winged Blackbirds
gobbling up the seed.
Wee Chickadee can’t compete with the big birds;
will have to replace a broken feeder
for the itty-bitty ones.