On the whole we are not conscious of evolution; we do not live as creatures in evolution, and we do not act as if our choices can influence the direction of evolution. Yet, after 13.7 billion years life keeps pushing onward toward more complex being, consciousness, and unity. There is an unbearable and unstoppable energy at the heart of the cosmos that is relentless, despite billions of years of cosmic life. This yearning for wholeness is integral to the unfinished process of evolution because it is an ultimate wholeness that exceeds the human grasp.

The choices we make for the future will create the future. We must reinvent ourselves in love.

The oneness that we seek, the love that does justice, must be face to face and heart to heart. To love means not only to discover the other but also to realize the other in his or her boundless depth and indestructibility… In this unfinished universe, commitment and fidelity hold life together. This means that no matter what happens, you belong to me and I belong to you. Together we make a whole that is more than each of our selves and, if we are open to other wholes, then we can evolve into something more whole and life giving. In the inner freedom to be for another, we can become something new.

We must consciously evolve; we must orient our being toward new life and growth because the unity that we really are, the deep connective tissue of oneness, will not let us rest with separateness. Deep within we yearn to be one, but because we cannot find a way to live as one, we fear the cost of oneness. Too much is at stake now to hide behind our secure walls of separateness, control, and power. We must evolve toward the next level of ultrahumanity or brace ourselves for the breakdown of all systems, including the basic elements of water and air that sustain human life.

We have abandoned the book of Nature and have lost trust in our inner power to change.

We need a revolution of evolution.

—Ilia Delio
The Unbearable Wholeness of Being.
God, Evolution, and the Power of Love