Not being one to ignore
global warming
and it’s impacts on life
on Earth,
I have found myself
in moments
deeply saddened,
profoundly discouraged.
And yet,
it has been those unpleasant,
that have led me
to a certain kind
of hope.
The kind of hope
borne of the knowledge
that everything we do
and everything we don’t do
Several teachers/writers
have helped me understand
that this is so
because the Earth is one living organism.
The values we live/put into the living systems
of which we are a part,
create change,
create the systems
that create life on the planet.
I still need reminding,
from time to time
and the teachings of Joanna Macy,
Margaret Wheatley, Leonardo Boff,
Meister Eckhart, Tielhard de Chardin,
Bryan Swimme, Thomas Berry
deepen my understanding,
my resolve,
my hope,
with every re-reading
and every time we offer
the Active Hope retreat.
On this day together,
we face our fears,
grieve the losses,
learn to see with new eyes
and move into action
with more-than-hope:
with the assurance
that everything we do
to contribute to life for all

Join us next time
for our Active Hope retreat:
Saturday, February 28.
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on our website.