It is a skill
we can learn—
paying attention
to what’s going on
in our home,
the natural world.
Not so easy for us
in our frenzied, multi-tasking,
incessantly available
daily lives
to stop,
unplug,shift gears,
focus our attention
on what’s going on
all the time
in the natural world;
to see the beauty there.
Saturday, March 14,
at Turtle Rock Farm retreat center,
we offer a day away,
a retreat:
Contemplation in Nature.
We’ll spend the day outside,
(come prepared for the weather,
whatever that will be!)
practice some ways
to develop our paying attention skills,
get to know more intimately,
more deeply,
our home
and community.
It will be a wonder-filled day.
To register,
click on our website’s calendar page.