Picking Up Compostables at Whole FoodsGathering Compostables at Whole Foods

Drive along NW Shartel
between 30th and 33rd Streets
in Oklahoma City
and suddenly it seems very green.
Trees and plants
gush, filling the meridians.
That’s because in 2007
the Central Park Neighborhood Association,
in partnership with Harding Fine Arts Academy,
started a youth group called Closer to Earth.
This neighborhood non-profit youth program
supports at-risk youth to help themselves
and their community make healthier choices
and become environmental advocates.
In the meridians and 10 once-vacant lots,
the youth tend organic green spaces,
using compost they make in a large composting operation which,
since Whole Foods opened in 2010,
includes waste from their produce section.
The compost they create
also is used in the CommonWealth Urban Farm.

On Wednesday,
5 percent of all sales at the Whole Foods Market
in Oklahoma City
will go to Closer to Earth Youth Gardens.

I’ve met two of these young people—
one, a student now at OSU-OKC
studying horticulture; another,
a high school student
who plans to study agriculture.
They are working environmental advocates,
steeped in green life.

I encourage you to shop for
Whole Foods on Wednesday
and support this wonderful program,
these amazing youth,
and the future health of the planet.
It’s a great way to begin Earth Month!

Whole Foods OKC is
at 6100 N. Western.