On April 22, 1970,
the first U.S. Earth Day,
20 million people rallied
across the country
in support of a healthy planet.
Founded by Gaylord Nelson,
a U.S. Senator from Wisconsin,
following a massive oil spill
in Santa Barbara, California in 1969,
Earth Day’s massive public display
of concern
resulted in the creation
of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,
the passage of the Clean Air Act,
the Clean Water Act
and the Endangered Species Act.
Twenty years later,
on Earth Day 1990,
the celebration went global,
with 200 million people rallying
in 141 countries around their concern
for the environment all around the planet.

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We’re still rallying for Earth—
at two events this week.
On Earth Day,
Wednesday, April 22,
we’ll join the Earth Walk around the campus
of Oklahoma City University.
We’ll carry the Earth flag
and the Turtle Rock Farm banner
on the community walk. It begins
at 6 p.m., at the United Methodist
Conference Ministry Center,
NW 24th and McKinley
(southeast corner of the OCU campus.)
Bring the children, leashed pets,
the whole family.
Carry banners, pictures of places
you love on the planet
to celebrate our amazing home.

Then, on Saturday, come out to Turtle Rock Farm,
for the fifth annual Green Connections Earth Day festival.
We’ll continue the celebration—
and learn some things about living
sustainably, so that all life
may be sustained.
11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Check for the details on our fb page.