1990 Pale_Blue_Dot NASA“The Pale Blue Dot,”
as Carl Sagan called our planet home as seen on the right side
of this photograph, in a vertical streak, middle of the image,
taken in 1990 from Voyager-I.


There’s no use talking about Earth Day until we begin to think like Earth{people.} Not as Americans and Russians, not as blacks and whites, not as Jews and Arabs, but as fellow travelers on a tiny planet in an infinite universe. All that we can muster of kindness, of compassion, of patience, of thoughtfulness, is necessary if this tiny planet of ours is not to go down to destruction. Until we have a leadership willing to make the enormous changes—psychological, military, and bureaucratic—to end the existing world system, a system of hatred, of anarchy, of murder, of war and pollution, there is no use talking about buying more wastebaskets or spending a couple of hundred million dollars on the Missouri River.

 If we do not challenge these fundamental causes of peril, we will be conned by the establishment while basic decisions are being made over which we have very little control, though they endanger everything on which our future and the world’s depend.

—I.F. Stone
Speech at National Mall
First Earth Day, 22 April 1970