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 Photos by Ann Denney

It’s getting close to honey bee swarming season.
Ann is already just a little bit
on the lookout.
And when she noticed 100 hives
had been placed
by a commercial beekeeper
to pollinate a neighbor’s Canola field,
she and Frank went hunting.
Sure enough,
the hives were crowded
and bees had swarmed.
In fact, they found the biggest swarm
she’d ever captured. It would be impossible
to find the queens,
though it would have been good to find a queen
for each hive. Instead,
they took brood (baby bees)
from Ann’s hives
and put a little in each of three boxes.
The swarmed bees will make queens
from some of the brood.
It was a large job
capturing the bees
into the three boxes.
But now the traveling pollinators
have three new homes
on the Oklahoma prairie.