members of the Cuckoo clan,
are a steady presence
here on the prairie these days.
We think they may have grown
into a small community.
They don’t seem to mind
They come up on patio and porch,
peer in French door windows,
hop atop patio tables.
Sometimes we have a roomful of guests
at the Pond House
and a Roadrunner will stare at us
through the big windows,
to the delight of those of us staring out.
Once a Roadrunner found itself
in the greenhouse at the Pond House
and once one slipped through the open greenhouse door
and Ann found it in the studio/workroom!
Last week she shoo-ed a Roadrunner
out of the high tunnel garden.
Every day one catches a lizard,
brings it to the big window at the Pond House,
and, with lizard draped through its beak,
knocks on the window
until Ann acknowledges the catch.

This is one change,
as our ecosystem has become
more desert-like—
and so many lizards!—
that we’re enjoying.