I trust
that the Phoebe parents
have considered
the size of the nest,
the size of their family,
timing of the peeps’ growth,
timing of their ability to fly out of the nest,
the size of the nest,
the cat that comes and goes
that tiny nest
full of fledglings…


Parents continue to take keep watch,
from nearby limbs,
the water bowl
and take turns
bringing food.
The peeps continue to grow
right before my eyes.


When the four babes are still,
a feathery lump in the nest,
all seems well. But
they don’t stay still long
and when they re-position,
flare their feathers,
scratch around with their beaks,
queue up for a worm,
it seems highly likely
one will tumble from that pint-sized,
feather-lined, hardened mud nest.


I do trust
that if this happens,
a vigilant parent
or two
will swoop down
to fend off the cat,
scoop up the tiny one
and return it to the nest,
that the nest will indeed hold them
until the first one flies away
(I have a hunch which
will try its flight first)
and leaves a little room
until the others take off.


Then, dear Phoebe parents,
what will we turn our attention
to next?