Gathering eggs
is confusing these days.
When we see a pile of eggs
we’re never sure if a hen
is getting ready to brood,
so it’s tricky to know
whether or not to gather the eggs.
Ever since the gray Cochin hen
joined the flock two years ago
hens have been brooding
and hatching chicks. Again,
this year, she and three others
are sitting on nests of eggs.
So far, there are two chicks,
hatched by two hens,
or maybe just one—not sure.
We moved the two hens
and all the eggs
into a private suite
and soon there was one,
then two


Now the Cochin is sitting
on an egg pile
and a Leghorn is sitting
on a nest of Guinea eggs!
Soon the Cochin may get moved
into the private suite, though
she’ll share it with the two moms
and two chicks
because they’re still too small
to be allowed in the big part of the barn,
where two cats also hang out
now and then. We’re wondering
what the guineas will do
if the Leghorn hatches keets.
Too, we’re wondering what the Leghorn
will do
when she realizes she’s hatched
guinea keets
instead of chicks.