This has been a summer
to savor
and remember.
We usually have an abundance
of sunflowers. This year there are
and they’re taller—
a gauntlet of bright blooms
seemingly reaching out,
life celebrated.
They bloomed earlier;
the blooms are big and bright
and there are still more
to come.

Instead of the usual spring and summer
blooms, roses
have not stopped blooming. Neither
has the Lantana,
which the hummingbirds
have preferred over the sugar water
in the red feeders. And why wouldn’t they?
The Russian Sage
is gargantuan,
lifting its fluffy flowers
and attracting bumble bees,
which weigh them down just a bit
as they dabble in the purple blooms.



The Hackberry tree
has hackberries. Last year
there were none. Plenty
of winter food
for birds and squirrels.


I’ve been listening to James Taylor’s
new album, “Before This World.”
In one of his songs, “Jolly Springtime,”
he sings of a “come again day.”
I know that this summer,
this rare Oklahoma summer,
is part of the irregularities
and the extremes of weather
during this time of global warming
and climate change. We had a 55-degree
August morning; on one August day,
Iranians experienced a heat index
of 164 degrees.
This was our “come-again” summer.