Autumn’s season of transition
from summer to winter
seems a fitting time
to begin
or revitalize
one’s coming-in practices.
One of them might
be meditation.
Amy Young, co-founder and director
of SixTwelve, invited us to offer
a one-day Meditation Retreat.
SixTwelve is kind of like a community center,
with a focus on arts and sustainability.
We’ve attended Sierra Club meetings there
and we pick up our Oklahoma Food Co-Op order there
and we’ve enjoyed community potlucks
and watched films about food
in the lovely refurbished building
in The Paseo in Oklahoma City.
So we are thrilled to get to offer
a Turtle Rock Farm Retreat Center retreat
at SixTwelve!

There are many forms of meditation
from many traditions. On this day-long retreat,
participants will have the opportunity to learn
and practice several kinds of meditation,
including centering prayer, breath prayer,
guided meditations and short meditation practices
to do during the day. This retreat is for both beginners
and those who’ve been practicing,
but want to deepen their practice
or practice with a group.
Pat will lead the retreat.

It’s from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
Saturday, October 10. SixTwelve
is at, well, 612 NW 29th Street.

Please bring a sack lunch.
You can register here.