Harvesting pecans
in that beautiful grove
down by Red Rock Creek,
is a bit tricky. It seems
that the exact second
the green husks open slightly,
crows and deer are on the spot
to remove the pecans.
Ann has been keeping a close watch
and a few days ago,
she saw the husks were opening.
It was Sunday morning
before we could get there,
to the happy work
of harvesting the pecan crop.
A good crop only comes along
every few years—usually it’s best
after good, flooding rains,
which came this year at Red Rock Creek.
So, how to harvest pecans.
There is a system:
lay down giant sheets of plastic under the tree;
back the shaker attached to the tractor up to the tree trunk;
shake it gently,
then shake it harder;
pull up the plastic all around the pecans
that have fallen onto the plastic;
dump them into a big box
then pour them into the airy purple bags.
On Sunday,
we harvested 35 bags
from 20 trees.


That’s getting them off the trees
before wildlife do; later, there will be drying,
sorting—leaves and husks
and the three varieties:
Kanza, Pawnee and the smaller
(but some say, most delicious) natives.
And so, pecan harvesting at Turtle Rock Farm
will continue throughout the month.
We could use some help,
as this is a huge crop (as long as we
can keep ahead of the crows!)
And so, the sooner the better!
If you want to bring friends
or family, let Ann know:
It’s a wonderful way to spend
a beautiful autumn day.