Early last Monday, opening day
of the UN Climate Summit
in Paris,
we began our climate prayer—
on the frosty grass
outside Angie Smith Chapel
on the campus of Oklahoma City University.
We gathered at 7:30 each nippy morning
and walked reverently,
on Earth—one step
with an in breath;
one step
with an out breath;
breathing in and out
with Mother Earth,
mindful of the planet
and all life in her one
system; mindful too
of the leaders and negotiators
from 196 nations
in Paris
trying to set limits
on carbon emissions
to curb global warming
and climate change.
As the meditation progressed
each morning
and throughout the week,
we each experienced
the connection
in various ways,
profoundly. And carried
Earth and the Summit
with us throughout the day.
Tomorrow and Sunday,
we will begin at 8 a.m.
and return Monday to 7:30 a.m.,
for about 45 minutes
through Friday, Dec. 11,
the final day of the Summit.
Or maybe
we will continue…
Holding Earth
and all life here
in this morning meditation
seems helpful.
All are welcome
to join us.

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