Last week,
a 140-seat movie theater
in Oklahoma City sold out
a one-time showing of the documentary
This Changes Everything,”
based on the book by Naomi Klein.
It is climate change
that changes everything. The film’s images
made that painfully clear, as conversations
with friends who saw the film
testify. It became clear to us all
that we’re not doing enough
and that everything we do
and don’t do
and that the more we
come together to do
the better off all life on the planet
will be.

A few of us have been walking
each morning the last eight days
to “hold Earth”
during the UN Climate Summit in Paris.
Emerging for me
during the walking meditation
is a connecting
I haven’t experienced before.
Yes, I notice the frosty grass,
the blue sky,
the birdsong,
oranges, reds, golden in the tree leaves,
sun-glistened strands of spider webs
in the dewy grass,
the beautiful lantern shape of a fallen seed pod,
as well as the steady rush of 23rd street traffic
as Earthlings make their way
into their day.
Too, the focus on left footfall
onto solid Mother Earth:
healing energy flowing up through my heart,
down through my right footfall
and back into Mother Earth’s solidness
beneath me—
through my heart
as part of the entire Earth
This also would seem
not enough
that I know there are “Earth Holders”
all over the world.
And activists
all over the world,
local communities in Germany
and India
and Canada
and Paris
coming together,
many footfalls
marching together,
to be “heard:”
for one thing,
“We want renewable

This afternoon
a conversation with a young friend
who has many more miles to walk
on this planet
made real for me
that this effort
to respond to climate change
by lowering our fossil fuel use
is going to require much
of us all
working together—
even, or especially,
in Oklahoma (a fossil fuel
Ground Zero)
where the transitions
will be painful.
As we join together
to step up
and step out
of step
for Earth,
may we remember
each step
is grounded in,
part of,
Earth’s lively