Welcome to the Turtle Rock Farm Retreat blog!

Main Pond at Turtle Rock Farm

Turtle Rock Farm, A Center for Sustainability, Spirituality and Healing, is located in the rolling mixed grass prairie of north central Oklahoma near Billings. Turtle Rock Farm Retreat is a gift we want to share. While it is still a working centennial family farm, it is also a wonderful refuge, with pastures and creeks to hike and explore, wildlife to observe, ponds that contribute to the beauty of this place.

Sisters, Ann McFerron and Pat Hoerth grew up here. Ann is an energy kinesiologist and has great interest in gardening, including vermi-composting, and beekeeping. Pat is a United Methodist Deaconess, trained spiritual director and writer and loves walking and photographing the prairie.

Time spent here has always been healing and revitalizing for us, as individuals and as family, and we are happy to offer retreats and classes in this setting – for individuals, families and groups. We offer guests various opportunities to experience the beauty of the land we love, through spiritual retreats, nature retreats, family and group retreats and classes in how to live more sustainably.


12 Responses to “About”

  1. Marilee McIntosh Says:

    I was on google looking for sand plums to make jelly with when I found your website. You have some of the most beautiful pictures and poems about oklahoma which you describe to a t. Your place is beautiful and I would like to see it someday. I live in tulsa so you aren’t that far. thanks for the pictures

  2. annmcferron Says:

    Thank you for your comments. Oklahoma is beautiful. We would love to have you visit us at Turtle Rock Farm.

  3. heartlandfarm Says:

    I have just recently read your comments about your visit to Heartland Farm last month! Thank you for such a beautiful summary of the visit, and for the pictures you took and posted! Now I check your ssite nearly every day, as I love to read your reflections!
    Sr. Terry

  4. pathoerth Says:

    Hello Sr. Terry,
    It is good to hear again from a “sister of Earth.” I think often of our visit there, and live again meeting you all, the alpacas, walking across the wiggly bridge, seeing the beautiful prairie labyrnth and, most of all, being in the beautiful womb-like, rainbow-lit silo. It is good to be connected.

  5. It appears that you have placed a lot of effort into your article and I require more of these on the net these days. I sincerely got a kick out of your post. I don’t really have much to say in response, I only wanted to comment to reply wonderful work.

  6. Hello there – just a little note to say thank you for this article. Very well-written.

  7. Great to find sisters living the dream! Cheers to you both!

  8. Love your blog! So happy I found your beautiful spot on the web. I’d love to visit your farm sometime. Peace.

    1. annmcferron Says:

      Hope you can visit some time. We would love to have you.

  9. Linda Moore Says:

    I live in Bartlesville, OK, and read about Turtle Rock Farm in RESPONSE (the magazine for United Methodist Women). I don’t know where Billings, OK, is, but I noticed the ladies from Ponca City in the article, and I thought possibly you might not be too far from there. I look forward to learning more about your farm and your mission.

  10. Roger Says:

    Loved your website and love what y’all have done with the farm. The pictures bring back wonderful memories when we would go to the farm and spend the day with your father. My brothers and I along with your nephew will always have lasting memories. I will have to come see y’all and take my 2 girls so that they too can enjoy what your father started and your family continue to pass on to the next generation.

    1. pathoerth Says:

      Hi Roger,
      It would be lovely to welcome you and your family back to the farm!
      Beauty, Peace,

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