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Our January 2016 Newsletter

It was my last semester
at Phillips Theological Seminary in Tulsa
that I first made the Cosmic Walk.
It began to transform my understanding
of the planet and my part
living here.
To my horror,
I realized I’d been living in the world
with my “arrogant” eye, as Sallie McFague
writes in Super, Natural Christians.
I’d been seeing all of nature here
for human purposes. Good grief!
And that was less than 10 years ago.
I’m eternally grateful
for Elizabeth Box Price and that class
on “the new cosmology.” It changed life
for me.

So it was a privilege last Friday
to be invited to lead a spiritual formation retreat
with students at St. Paul’s School of Theology
at Oklahoma City University
around the theological and spiritual impacts
of exploring the new cosmology
through the Cosmic Walk
and discussion of the “arrogant eye”
and the “loving eye.” (McFague’s loving eye
sees nature through the lens of everything
in its own difference and detail,
having its own interests
from humans’ interests.)



What an engaged group of students,
willing to participate in the discussion,
but, most importantly,
to spend a couple of hours on the prairie
just outside Piedmont, Oklahoma,
Noticing frogs, flies, butterflies, grasses,
plants, sky, wind…
Nothing could be more important,
in my view,
for our spiritual leaders,
our theological leaders
to know and love
the natural world.


Thank you Dr. Amy Oden,
St. Paul’s professor of Early Christianity
and Spirituality,
for the opportunity!

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