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Together at Turtle Rock Farm…In These Times




Our May-June 2016 Newsletter
Much Ado About Earth



The Oklahoma Conference of Churches
environmental committee
has partnered with the Whole Creation Community
and each day there are devotional posts
on the WCC’s fb page.
This week I have the privilegeof writing them.
Click on this link
to enjoy all the posts.

And, to celebrate Earth
during Earth Day weekend,
check out the resources offered
for worship services
at the Oklahoma Conference of Churches website.



Spring Come Early at Turtle Rock Farm

Our March Newsletter


The New Year at Turtle Rock Farm

Our January 2016 Newsletter

It’s one of those compelling
this is a time when all that’s
in the world can overwhelm
and the most helpful way through
is counter-intuitive for some of us:
instead of a figuring out how to fix,
to find solutions,
the way through
is to be thoroughly aware
and appreciative of
and engaged in
this moment,
our life as it appears to us
this moment.
And, here’s the paradox,
when we live in this moment
without resistance to it,
we connect
with life,
all life,
and the way through,
even the next steps
into solutions,
make their way through.

So our first retreat
in this next turn around the sun,
will be a retreat on learning
or beginning again
the practices of Mindfulness,
or, Living in the Moment.
January 9
at Turtle Rock Farm.


Living Mindfully retreat participants, in 2014

To register,
and to check out the 2016
calendar, as it evolves,
go to our website.

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