For a long time
people have been requesting recipes.
For a long time
we thought we’d set aside time
for cookbook writing.
Now we have decided there are other things
we’d prefer to spend our time
So, now and then,
when someone reminds us,
we’ll put a recipe,
or information about how we cook
at Turtle Rock Farm,
here, and on our website.

As with all our recipes,
we will include key quantities
and ingredients,
with lots of room
for individual creativity and taste.
You’ll have to figure some of it out
on your own—
which we think is half the fun.

We strongly suggest
that local, humanely grown, organic ingredients
be used as much as possible.
We know this is a challenge
and requires effort to meet the local farmers,
grow your own,
visit the farmers markets,
join the Oklahoma Food Coop.
But it is important,
even critical,
work—our good work
for the good of the planet.
Find farmer’s markets here.
Learn about the Oklahoma Food Coop here.
Keep watching our website
or sign up for our monthly newsletter
to find out about workshops
on gardening, composting, beekeeping, chicken-raising, cooking.
Be in touch if you have questions.


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