We always serve hot apple cider
during the Prairie Concert
in the round-topped barn.
That marks the beginning
of the hot apple cider season.
There are jillions of recipes.
Here’s ours.

Hot Apple Cider

Gallon of apple juice
(the unfiltered, can’t-see-through
fresh apple juice available
beginning in the fall)
1/2 gallon cranberry juice
whole orange
tea ball full of whole cloves
cinnamon stick

Fill a pot with the apple juice and the cranberry juice. Cut the orange in half and squeeze the juice into the other juices. Then add the squeezed orange halves.
Fill a tea ball with cloves and hang it over the side of the pan, so the cloves are in the juices.
Add a cinnamon stick.
(You can also add rum or fum flavoring, to taste.)
Steep for about 45 minutes.
You can make this ahead, remove the orange halves, cloves and cinnamon stick (or leave them in; the flavors grow stronger,) store and reheat.


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