I’ve always found
Pimento Cheese
But once I really paid attention
to what I was eating,
I realized it isn’t all that
Perhaps its insipidness
contributed to the comfort,
raising the question:
Does comfort food
need to be
on the blander side?
It’s too late now:
I’ll never be able to eat
Pimento Cheese again
after adding
one simple ingredient—
finely chopped fresh garlic.
Garlic so upped the flavor,
Pimento Cheese
became addictive.
As if it could get any better,
I then discovered
Chipotle Pimento Cheese.
Then, Chipotle Smoked Gouda Pimento Cheese.
Way beyond comfort now:
Very Dangerous Stuff.

Over-the-Top Pimento Cheese Spread

sharp cheddar cheese
smoked Gouda cheese
fresh garlic
chipotle chiles, ground

As always, use the amounts that suit your circumstances and your taste.
As always, use local ingredients if possible. Here in Oklahoma, we go for Wagon Creek Creamery cheeses.
I like to buy spices at Savory Spice Shop, 4400 N. Western, Oklahoma City, because their spices are ground fresh weekly and because my friends Able and Debra Blakely own the Oklahoma City franchise. There are franchises of the Denver-based company around the country. (Their ground Chipotle Chiles are delicious.) Add the chiles, taste, determine how much you like, add more depending on your taste.
Finely chop garlic and onion (I don’t use a lot of onion, but some.)
Grate cheeses. I use a little more cheddar than Gouda.
Option: You can also make this recipe delicious without the smoky ingredients (Gouda and Chipotle.) But use more than one kind of cheese—sharp cheddar and a flavorful white cheese.
Pimentos are a kind of red sweet pepper. You can buy them in a jar, whole or already chopped. Drain the liquid before adding to the cheese mixture. I normally eschew processed food, but I never see fresh Pimento Peppers in the market. Other red sweet peppers would be a substitute, but I don’t really want crunchy in this spread. I’m still bound to the mushier, jarred, chopped pimentos, just like my mother used—part of the “comfort” of this food, perhaps.
Add mayonnaise a bit at a time, using just enough to hold the spread together.


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