Our May-June 2016 Newsletter
Much Ado About Earth



Thomas Berry says
that one of human beings’
most important work
is to celebrate
life Earth.
We celebrate life here on the prairie
in little ways
all the time.
And twice a year,
it gives us great pleasure
to welcome big celebrations—
In April,
an Earth Day celebration
and in the fall
Green Connections’ Prairie Dinner and Concert.
Kamala Gamble and her friends
make a delicious five-course meal
made of locally grown fresh food.

We set a long table alongside
Doe Creek,
which winds through Turtle Rock Farm,
and linger at table with wonderful people
who care about the planet,
sipping great wine from Woods and Waters Winery,
and watch evening arrive
as Earth rolls up
and the sun disappears in the west.

Then we take a stroll down the road
to the round-top barn
for a bonfire
and concert.

This year, we are extremely excited
to introduce a wonderful singer-songwriter
from Kansas,
who we get to hear every year
at The Land Institute’s Prairie Festival:
Ann Zimmerman.

Photo by Angus Wright
We love her voice, her lyrics, her humor,
her tunes—some of which
(“Blue Wild Indigo,” for one,)
celebrate the prairie.
Here are a couple more links to videos of her songs:
“Do you Know Jenny?”
“Recycling Blues”

This year,
the celebration
will be Saturday, September 22.
You can come and tour the retreat center
including gardens, pond, labyrinth;
meet the animals and visit the straw bale hermitage;
have a sit on the front porch.
Come at 3 p.m.
Dinner at the creek is at 5:30,
followed by the concert.
Reservations are at
Green Connections.
This is the fourth annual
prairie dinner and concert.
It’s always a magical evening.
Isn’t it happy work,
this celebrating?