Prairie Dinner 2009

Last year was the first
prairie dinner and concert
alongside Doe Creek
here at Turtle Rock Farm
to raise money for the good work
of Green Connections.
Green Connections
(Julian of Norwich used those words)
is a not-for-profit corporation
that supports the mission at Turtle Rock Farm
to help people connect with creation,
get to know our home here more intimately
and learn to live as part of this amazing organism
rather than using it up.

This year,
the dinner and concert will be Saturday, October 2.
At 3, there will be the chance to tour the farm and retreat center.
At 5, we’ll gather at Doe Creek in a beautiful setting
for an elegant and delicious supper
catered by Slow Foods chef Kamala Gamble
(from Kam’s Kookery.)
It will feature local foods and wines.
After dinner,
we’ll move to the round-top barn
for a concert by fiddler Kyle Dillingham
of Horsehoe Road.

Tickets are on sale through Saturday, Sept. 25.
Go to
and join us for a lovely evening
in a natural setting
with delicious local foods
dazzling music
and to raise money
for a great cause.


Outstanding in the Field Dinner – Jolie Vue Farm, Oct. 2008

We’re very excited about the fund-raiser Green Connections
is holding at Turtle Rock Farm.
Green Connections is a not-for-profit corporation
that supports the retreat work here
to help people connect with creation,
get to know it more intimately,
be healed in it,
and make choices about living more sustainably
so that Earth can heal too.

On Saturday, October 24,
at 4 pm people will gather for a tour of the farm
(think hay wagon, gardens, Alpaca)
or a hike
(think prairie, creeks, beaver dam.)
At 5:30,
(inspired by the Outstanding in the Field Dinner)
we’ll take our places at a long table
set with white cloth
along Doe Creek.

Dinner will be prepared by Oklahoma Chef Kamala Gamble
and it will feature all local foods,
from Oklahoma growers including Kamala and Turtle Rock Farm.
Kamala was recently featured in Southern Living magazine.
She is one of the co-founders of Oklahoma’s Slow Food Chapter
and besides her catering business and cooking classes,
(Kam’s Kookery)
she farms organic vegetables in an acre and a half garden.
Her food is spectacular.

Wines will be provided by Woods and Waters Winery.
We’ve been to this lovely vineyard, winery and bistro
outside of Anadarko, Oklahoma,
and love their wines.


Then, our dear friend Kyle Dillingham
will cast his musical spell upon us
in concert right here on the prairie.
Kyle is an incredible musician and performer,
a member of Horseshoe Road.
They’re the ones who wrote and recorded
the Oklahoma Centennial song, Oklahoma Rising.
Kyle was a lad when we first heard him play the fiddle
and we’ve watched him grow as a prince and a musician:
we were there when he played on Grand Ole Opry;
when he performed with Roy Clarke as a guest musician –
and heard Roy Clark say “This is my show” when Kyle stole it;
gave his senior recital at Oklahoma City University.
As a matter of fact,
we even played the old stand-up bass with him
long, long ago.
We are very proud and excited
that he can share this evening with us.

Too, on October 24,
we will all pose for a photograph with the number 350
displayed dramatically in some form
(any ideas??)
as part of the action event day
that day
when people the world over get the word out
that 350 is the limit of particles per million
that the earth can sustain –
It seems a fitting combination of conversions:
a world-wide recognition and call to stop global warming
at a dinner celebrating and recognizing the importance
of eating whole, local food grown naturally,
while taking a moment to celebrate life through music
and raising money for work
that connects
and supports
sustainable life.
Tickets are on sale

Join us
for a memorable
evening on the prairie.