When it came time to get the word out
about CommonWealth Urban Farm’s neighborhood potluck,
a flier was created
and placed on a facebook event page
and emailed to friends. The flier
was also copied
and handed out door-to-door
in a six block area around the urban farm.
It has been a long time
since I went door to door in the city.
It was a very different experience
from inviting facebook friends
by sitting at my laptop in my house,
clicking on their names. I met
new people,
sometimes we chatted awhile;
we smiled and were friendly
with each other. I loved it:
walking the neighborhood
in autumn, beneath golden and copper-colored
trees, greeting people,
inviting them to a potluck picnic
in the garden.

Hurray! It rained most of the day Friday.
Saturday dawned damp, misty, cool.
Still, people came for the Saturday morning
Garden School. They made compost sifters
out of recycled wood and new screen.
It was dry and autumn-cool
when we sat up the tables for lunch,
and neighbors, supportive friends and food
began to arrive. David and Clem Braden
played guitar and mandolin;
David sang. Sweet neighborliness
broke out all over the place. Music, food
conversation. I didn’t see one single cell phone

DSCN8603  DSCN8610
Food and neighbors continued to arrive.
Lia gave a tour of the garden.
Several adults and one child
set out to gather items
during the nature scavenger hunt.
The little girl finished first
and judged the order of when the others
would collect their prizes. Everyone
won that way.


By mid-afternoon,
guests were gone,
tables, chairs put away.
But we who live in the CommonWealth
Urban Farm neighborhood
will for a long time
feel the sweet support
of community.