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Together at Turtle Rock Farm…In These Times




The debate may go on,
people may continue to look for signs of coming climate change,
or deny that the changes in the atmosphere
are caused by human beings,
but the reality is everything that happens this day
happens in the context of today’s climate
and it has changed.
Global warming is our reality,
our context.

what are we to do?
Will we continue on a path
that leads to the continued destruction
of life
on the only planet that we know of
that sustains life?


Disruption is a film created by the organizers
of the People’s Climate March
in New York City and around the world,
including two here in oil-and-gas-industry-based
Oklahoma—one in Oklahoma City
and one in Tulsa.
It’s September 21, two days before world leaders
gather for an emergency UN meeting
on the climate.

The movie chronicles some of the historic marches
that have captured the attention of government leaders,
resulted in on-going participation and pressure
from the people
to bring about change.
There was the women’s suffrage movement.
Later, the women’s rights movement.
The nuclear arms protests.
The civil rights movement.
The Earth Day movement that resulted
in environmental legislation.

It has been the coming together
of diverse people and groups
to protest and prevent the building
of the Keystone XL pipeline to transport
the dirty, carbon-rich Tar Sands oil
from Alberta, Canada’s carbon-sequestering
borreal forest
to Houston for processing
and shipment to China
that has built awareness
and a burgeoning global organization
that stands now
ready to make our commitment known
to those in power:
We are committed to radically reducing greenhouse gases
so that life on the planet can continue.

Watch the movie.
It’s free online at www.watchdisruption.com
Come to Oklahoma City or Tulsa
on Sunday, September 21.
The Oklahoma City march is endorsed
by a growing number of groups,
including Turtle Rock Farm,
Peace House, Oklahoma Interfaith Power & Light,
OK Sierra Club, OK United Methodist Coalition,
Peace Education Institute, Oklahoma Conference of Churches,
Center for Conscience in Action, Great Plains Tar Sands Resistance,
Grand Riverkeeper LEAD Agency, OK League of Women Voters,
Church of the Open Arms UCC, East 6th Street Christian Church,
First Unitarian Church, Alliance for Global Justice,
Eco Solidarity, Idle No More OKC,
Community Environmental Working Group Tulsa,
and Shawnee Peace Fellowship.

If your group wants to be an endorser or co-sponsor,
let us know.
Bring your group’s banner,
march to let government leaders
and oil companies know
it is time for profound restraint
in the production and burning of fossil fuel
on all our parts;
time for creative innovation,
for creating jobs
and a healthy future for life on the planet
through conservation and the building
of sustainable energy projects.

We at Turtle Rock Farm will walk in Oklahoma City
Sunday, September 21 at 2 p.m.
East lawn of OKC Municipal Building,
Hudson and Park Ave.
Free street parking at metered spaces on Sunday.
Gather at 1:30 to the beating of drums
2 p.m. Welcome and Remarks
2:30 One-mile march

Tulsa People’s Climate March
Sunday, September 21 at 3 pm
41st & Riverside Drive at RiverParks