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Spring Come Early at Turtle Rock Farm

Our March Newsletter

Last year Jane Vincent Taylor led a poetry retreat
here at Turtle Rock Farm.
It was a day of pure poetry—
and, well, figuratively. We are looking forward
to her next poetry retreat here
Saturday, May 2.
Here’s what she says about the day:

Bring your favorite pencil or pen to Turtle Rock for a day of new writing and fresh poetry. Surprise yourself by playing a game of scribble, or brain scramble, or erasure writing. Ground yourself at this amazing sustainable farm. Talk to the chickens, question the blue sky, visit the pond. Make spring work for you. With us. With lunch provided. With pleasure.”

Jane’s poetry retreats
bring forth
our innate creativity,
good humor,
observation skills,
love of life.

I was fortunate
to have recently spent
a week traveling with Jane in New York City,
seeing high urban life
through the eyes of a poet.
she says, there are poems
waiting to be discovered.


One of the joys of the retreat day,
we can hope,
will be hearing Jane read
some of the poems
published just a week ago
in her new book.

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Celebrating Earth at Turtle Rock Farm.
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