Last fall,
during Urban Ag Week,
we spent one morning in a workshop
exploring the Deep Fork bioregion,
right in the heart of Oklahoma City.
We started at the headwaters
and visited other sites along the creek,
as it flows through human habitation.
It was a thrill to pull back our view
and get a sense of place—
the land forms,
that is our natural community
in the city.
That day it was easy to see
that every inch on Earth
is part of the natural world.


So, we’re going to offer that workshop
Saturday, May 30, 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
We’ll meet at 1000 NW 32nd street,
which is Turtle Rock Farm’s new place
in the city,
in the CommonWealth Urban Farm community.
Yes, of course,
we’re still in the country as well,
up north in the prairie ecosystem.
Over the years,
people have said to us,
things like: “We’re so glad
you’re out there doing that.”
And they’ve asked: “How
do I live sustainably in the city?”
Good question.
Yes, we all must learn how to live
in the city, too.
Living on the prairie
has different sustainability challenges
(observe conventional modern
agriculture practices.)
Many more of us humans live in the city,
where the challenges are different,
including feeling separate
from the natural world.
We want to be more engaged
in these questions. So,
here we are,
settling in,
offering the Sense of Place workshop
again in Oklahoma City.
(To register, go to the calendar page
on our website:
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